Pankritia Exhibition Crete the great meeting and local tastes of Greece

Πρόσκληση Θεσσαλονίκη

Exhibition “Crete The Great Meeting Local Products and Tastes of Greece”

The 39th Organization of the Exhibition from 19 to 27 March 2024 in the Central Square of Larissa.
👉 The biggest culinary and cultural meeting brings together lovers of traditional, authentic flavors and friends of our cultural traditions. The event, which became an institution traveling all over Greece, will be held in Larissa.

✅️ For 9 days the exhibition will be open every day from 10 o’clock in the morning until late at night to welcome its thousands of friendly visitors. To take them on a journey with indescribable tastes, smells and aromas and stimulate their senses. Producers, family businesses and Greek brands from every corner of the Cretan and Greek Lands participate.

👉 For 9 days, visitors will have the opportunity to taste, taste and purchase directly from the producers authentic flavors, fermented with passion, made with the labor and love of the producers. To get to know the culture and history behind traditional products and to enjoy unforgettable flavors that have captivated the public throughout Greece.

✨ ️A thumbnail of the treasures of our place is waiting for you… to discover them.
🌟 Enjoy your unique journey… to Cretan and Greek nature through the power of flavors that will leave you with authentic products, such as pure olive oil, olives, olive paste, cheese, dairy and cheese products, honey and honey products, royal jelly, pollen, pastries, bars, wine, tsikoudia – raki and rakomelo, raki with pomegranate, carob honey carob products, wine, liqueur, nuts, breadcrumbs, cookies, aloe, raisins, legumes, herbs of the Cretan and Greek land, well-known since ancient times for their beneficial properties.
🛒 In addition, visitors will get to know and taste favorite Cretan flavors such as traditional Cretan sweets, pies, xerotigana, sfakiano pies and kalitsounia as well as a wide variety of traditional smoked meats, apaki, sausages and charcuterie.
✨ ️Also, a rich range of vegetable spreads for young and old from traditional jams and carob honey, and Cretan spreadable cheese!
🔴 Quality and purity reign supreme at the Exhibitors’ stands!
🌱 Among the products will also be traditional pasta, noodles, trachanas, legumes, superfoods and raisins, dry and. caramelized fruits, Aegina pistachios as well as sauces, traditional sweets, spoon sweets, pastries and chocolate bars, halva and tahini, loukumades, loukoumia, waffles and syrupy sweets.
✨ In addition to the flavors, visitors will have the opportunity to try care and care products such as natural cosmetics, essential oils, aloe, soaps, olive salts and creams, hypoallergenic products, waxes and perfumes, handmade constructions, handmade jewelry and accessories, handmade creations, gifts, books and many more products.
✅️ Cultural events
In addition, it should be emphasized that in the program of parallel events, rich music and dance events will take place every day.
Dozens of cultural associations are participating, their dance departments will respectively present dances from every corner of our country.
Hundreds of dancers in their wonderful costumes will convey to the visitors of the exhibition the beauties and values of our cultural traditions.
In the daily program of events, cultural associations can join visitors to watch it on the page of the exhibition in Crete The Great Meeting
Let’s reciprocate!
👉The 39th Exhibition will open its doors to the public at 10:00 am on Tuesday 19 February and will remain open until the evening of Tuesday 27 March 2024.
🎟️ Entry to the Exhibition is free for all.
✨We are waiting for you! Be there.
📌 The Exhibition “Crete: The Great Meeting – Local products and tastes of Greece” embodies an alternative way of selling and promoting local products and is a meeting place for small producers from all over Greece, with unique traditional products.
✅️ Taste, enjoy, talk directly with the producers, learn about the production method and the beneficial ingredients of the pure quality products and of course get your products.
✨️ Develop partnerships, meet potential partners for your business and support Greek action and productivity in practice.
✅ ️You are all our guests!
Information notes at 6932 430 433 and 2810344930

The exhibition is held with the co-organization of the region of Crete


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