The great appeal of the thirty-four successful events we have
carried out so far in Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos, Patras and Serres,
have substantially contributed to the upgrading of extroversion and enlargement in general
new markets for fine Cretan products and generally promote Crete to everyone
the sectors. Common belief is that these actions are a key pillar for the
promotion and development of the economy of our island. We are “ploughing” all of Greece
territory promoting Crete, its products and services everywhere!

The organization of these exhibitions began as an initiative of Cretan producers,
afterwards, however, it took on a pan-Hellenic character, since it was also embraced by producers
from every corner of Greece. In fact, it is an exhibition that promotes him
food culture and the traditions of the particular regions of our country.

We continue with great success the exhibitions “Crete: The Great Meeting – Local Products
& Tastes of Greece”, in collaboration with the development agencies of our island, such as
Region of Crete, the Development Organization of Crete, the Municipalities, the Development Authority of Heraklion, the
Agri-Food Partnership of the Region of Crete, the Cooperative Organizations, the
Shipping companies, OLI and many others and we promote the “brand name” of Crete throughout
Greece, strengthening Crete as a top tourist destination.

Hundreds of thousands of people have visited our exhibitions. They were also tasted
they got the products of the producers while at the same time they got to know the services and the
work of all exhibitors. In addition, the exhibitors-producers were given the opportunity to
develop partnerships at the wholesale level with hundreds of trade visitors and to
place their products in more points of sale throughout the country.

Along with their commercial part, our exhibitions are a “Cultural
A meeting” of all those who serve the popular culture of the particular regions of our country.
In the parallel events held during the exhibitions, a crowd is presented
cultural, music-dance, culinary and informative events which
they bring out the culture, bring out the aroma and the culture of its traditions
of our place and become a “pole of attraction” for thousands of visitors. All guests have
free entry to the exhibition areas, but also to the parallel program
events that take place.

An indication of the success of our actions is that they are carried out with
co-organized by the Region of Crete, with the support of E.O.T., while they are held under the auspices of
municipalities and dozens of operators and are communicatively supported by a multitude of collaborators
mass media, pan-Hellenic and local in scope and have contributed to Crete
a huge positive communication impact.

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